Developing Leadership Excellence has been for 20 years our core competence. We believe that great leadership is the key to the success of organizations. We have specific programs to target every level of leadership, from first-level to top management.


Purposeful communication is the tool of leaders. Not only leaders in formal management positions but anyone who wants to reach a goal by influencing other people. Our programmes vary from strategic to inspirational communication tools.


Good organization = efficiency = productivity. This is our formula for high performance in companies. Our training offer in this area supports staff at any level of the company to gain control of their time and life, which has an impact on the entire team.


When Marketing, Sales, Production or R&D Teams get stuck, our trainings around creativity can break the barriers. We provide practical tools with a wide range of application – not only when creativity is needed.


The sales force is usually considered the motor of the company. If sales teams perform well money in other areas of the company can be invested. Boosting the performance of sales teams is the bottleneck to growth in other areas of the company. Our training modules for sales forces provide the range of topics to reach that goal.

  • José Mª Saraiva Marques,  Field Force Training & Career Development Manager
    "The trainees positive reaction to those two days,immediately showed us, through their passionate involvement, that they felt those contents made sense for their daily life. A satisfaction analysis of the training confirmed this observation. After the first months, the impact of TEDable Presentations on the final result is visible and always to be noted, despite being difficult to measure it. We consider repeating it whenever it is necessary to improve the communication skills of our employees!"
    José Mª Saraiva Marques, Field Force Training & Career Development Manager
    Novartis Pharma
  • Julia Rudek, International Product Manager
    “I became conscious about the body language and what I have to do to express what I want. The way you present is more important than what you originally say to convince people, reach your goals and get attention for your projects.”
    Julia Rudek, International Product Manager
    Division Thermomix
  • Sarah Werhahn, Product Manager Tech Innovation
    “Clearly visible results despite only two days of training. Great trainers! Productive feedback, which is easy to implement and has great effect. Even little implementation of the training already leads to great effects concerning quality of presentation and power of conviction."
    Sarah Werhahn, Product Manager Tech Innovation
    Division Thermomix
  • Ana Ordaz, Oncology MSL
    "The TEDable Presentations training was the best of my life. The coaching in this training was life changing."
    Ana Ordaz, Oncology MSL
  • Teresa Carqueja, Medical Director
    "It was an excelent surprise! Not only the training structure/methodology is different and very up-to-date, but also the individual coaching and feedback stands out because it allow us to learn and trully grow."
    Teresa Carqueja, Medical Director
  • Stefan Rest, International Product Manager
    "I loved the short training sessions between the theory parts, so we could immediately try the things we have learned. The new structure for a presentation was so easy to implement that I improved in my second presentation so much, I could not believe it. Story and position were the very important learnings for me. You will learn presentation skills which, seeming to be obvious, in the sum of all small improvements give you the chance to transform to a new level of speaking."
    Stefan Rest, International Product Manager
    Division Thermomix


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