We work with structured Executive Coaching models focusing on results. We have specific C-level and middle management coaching programs and for team coaching we have our proprietary Alpha Teams® Development Program and RMP Team Coaching Program.

The coaching intervention focuses on finding solutions to achieve individual and organizational goals. We use our proprietary “The B.R.I.D.G.E. Coaching Model™”


Through an interactive short-term process between Coach and Manager, we support them to improve their leadership skills, problem solving and strategy definition, promoting self-knowledge and acquiring new behaviors.The coaching intervention focuses on finding solutions to achieve individual and organizational goals.


We work with Sales, Project, R&D, Marketing and Top Management Teams to improve their effectiveness. We support teams in several countries with our unique Team Coaching methodologies.Team Coaching is a thought provoking and interactive process between Coach and Team, so that its members improve team performance in several areas, through learning about themselves (self-knowledge) and other team members, practice new behaviours and implement new processes.

Team Coaching Process promotes the acquisition of new skills and attitudes, in an organizational context, through:

  • Systematic questioning by the Coach and other team members;
  • Balance between challenging and supportting the team and its members;
  • Constant encouragement;
  • Genuine and direct feedback to each member and to the team as a whole;
  • Generating accountability and commitment to change both by the team and by each team member;
  • Future, action and results driven approach.
  • This methodology allows for quicker and more effective results, because it relies on the commitment of the Team being coached.

RPM TEAM Coaching

Our unique approach to Team Coaching, using the Reiss Motivation Profile instrument, leads to improved relationships, better alignment and less unproductive conflicts between team members.Teams communicate better and produce more after participating in our RMP Team Coaching process.Each participant will first fill in the Reiss Motivation Profile (RMP), a scientifically validated evaluation model and tool that provides an individual motivational fingerprint through a detailed analysis of 16 psychological needs or “fundamental life motives.”

The RMP report allows us to understand the individual values and motivations and can be used in different contexts, specifically in self-development and team development.
Regarding teams, the knowledge derived from the motivational profile supports team members to best understand how to relate to each other, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts, while strengthening relationships, the positive influence that each person can have in others and the ability to work together.

This is the starting point for our unique Reiss Motivation Profile Team Coaching


Most approaches to top management teams development are based on training and teambuilding generic exercises aiming to develop communication between members. We do not aim for generic improvements of “communication”, “teambuilding” or “inspiration” in management teams. We improve what already works and fix what does not. We know the difference between the two, because we have assessment tools to evaluate these teams from the start.We follow a structured 6-step approach to develop management teams’ effectiveness, in which individual and team coaching plays a key role:

  • Workshops focused on the opportunity areas identified in the Alpha Teams® Assessment Survey;
  • Development workshops to address the critical success factors of management teams as identified in organizational psychology research;
  • Executive Coaching to support the team leader during his team development process;
  • Executive Coaching for the Management Team members when necessary;
  • Management Team processes and dynamics review. Also possibility of revision of processes between this team and other teams;
  • Maximize effectiveness through practical methodologies, immediately deployable.


Ricardo Vargas

As an executive coach, his work with C-Level and Senior Managers provides motivation and inspiration and leads to action.
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Nicole Eifler

Nicole is an Associate Certified Coach by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and enjoys a successful practice as executive coach, focusing her interventions on “Women & Leadership”.
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Melany Colmenero

Melany is a certified Coach by the ICC – International Coaching Community and has experience in both Life and Executive Coaching.

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Susana Melo

Susana is a certified Coach, by the IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership) and certified in tools from MBTI (Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator), having an extensive experience as a coach and trainer in soft skills.

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  • Afonso Garcia, HR Director
    The work of Ricardo Vargas at the senior management level was fundamental in aligning our change projects, helping create a shared vision which translated into concrete actions that were visible throughout the organization.
    Afonso Garcia, HR Director
    Novartis Portugal


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