With over fifty thousand hours delivered on consulting, training and coaching projects by our team, Consulting House has a track record of success and understands the requirements of your company. We are the credible partner for your projects.
  • Afonso Garcia, HR Director
    The work of Ricardo Vargas at the senior management level was fundamental in aligning our change projects, helping create a shared vision which translated into concrete actions that were visible throughout the organization.
    Afonso Garcia, HR Director
    Novartis Portugal
  • Paulo Neumann, Corporate Management Advisor
    The EMBRACO Vision of the Future Project was a key factor in the company being selected as one of the best companies to work for in the Exame survey of 2003. Ricardo Vargas’s work in designing and implementing this project generated a high level of awareness and capacity for managing change and leadership based on company values.
    Paulo Neumann, Corporate Management Advisor
    EMBRACO Brasil
  • Joaquim Rafael, HR Director
    In a context of permanent change, Ricardo Vargas’ always objective and clearly structured approach, as well as the bold style he uses to clarify leadership concepts and business ethics, have always been a common denominator in his interactions with our company. They hold an unmistakably high value and are crucial to creating a new dynamic within management
    Joaquim Rafael, HR Director
    Mc Donald's
  • José Borba Martins,  Water Business Leader Finance & Control
    When I look at last decade, trying to remember the top 5 seminars, I put Ricardo Vargas at #1 with his "Change's Paradoxes". Brilliant and very useful. A "must repeat" and update in the actual business & political environment wherever. Very useful mainly for portuguese economical actors, but also for all political ones in general. Globally. Thanks Ricardo.
    José Borba Martins, Water Business Leader Finance & Control
  • Ana Ordaz, Oncology MSL
    "The TEDable Presentations training was the best of my life. The coaching in this training was life changing."
    Ana Ordaz, Oncology MSL
  • Tarcísio Pontes, Director
    "Consulting House deserves Millennium BCP's trust in exposing methods and leadership styles for success, especially with commercial teams. Ricardo Vargas, particularly, has rare knowledge and communication skills in the market that we highly value."
    Tarcísio Pontes, Director
    Millennium Banking Academy
  • Margarida Neves, Managing Director
    "At times of crisis, people make a difference, or rather, attitudes and behaviors make a difference. That is why we challenged Ricardo Vargas to, along with us and our business partners, share his vision and reflection on "Managing Under Uncertainty". Ricardo Vargas' insights brought an openness of mind, a vision and an applicability to any sector, business area or profession. This session was undoubtedly a success for the change it provoked."
    Margarida Neves, Managing Director
    Johnson & Johnson
  • Sandra Barranquinho, DRH
    "Líder AKI was one of the major human transformation support projects we decided to launch in the context of our new proximity company project. The leaders' role was absolutely strategic in change management. In fact, we believe that it was the key to success, the lever of all changes that allowed us to move in the right direction."
    Sandra Barranquinho, DRH
  • Laura Galhardo Simões, Regional Manager
    Having Consulting House as partner is the true 2-in-1 solution. They are allies to define the people's growth strategy and masters in developing their skills to get there."
    Laura Galhardo Simões, Regional Manager
    Vorwerk Portugal
  • Ramona Wehlig, Vice President Customer Experience & Engagement
    "We are extremely satisfied with the outcome. Was a tough meeting, but a great one in terms of results and embracing the road to change. Thanks for enabling us."
    Ramona Wehlig, Vice President Customer Experience & Engagement
    Vorwerk International
  • Sofia Mendoça, DRH
    "The transformation phase we are now experiencing in business forces us to tackle more demanding challenges at an ever-increasing speed. All Consulting House's interventions, particularly in the Leadership Development area, have been a great help, contributing decisively to the evolution path that McDonald's Portugal is already making towards the future of Management. We are proud to see the return on the investment made in our people's development with Consulting House. We can see it without a doubt."
    Sofia Mendoça, DRH
  • Kai Schaeffner, President
    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]"I keep bringing Ricardo to work with my teams for 10 years because he is one of the best facilitators. He doesn't tell you what to do. He just brings the "Beauty" and the "Beast" out of the team, helping us to deal with both."[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
    Kai Schaeffner, President
    Thermomix North America
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